Spring School on String Theory

The 2014 edition of the annual meeting will take place on April 25th-27th in Warsaw. Our annual meetings are prmarily intended as a means of bringing together the growing string theory community in Poland. It is however open for everyone who is interested - participants from abroad are welcome!

The meeting will take the form of a short school consisting of four lecture series:

  • Bartek Czech (Stanford)- "The emergence of spacetime as a geometrization of entanglement"
  • Matthias Gaberdiel (ETH Zurich)- "Minimal model holography"
  • Sergei Gukov (Caltech) - "Knots and algebraic curves"
  • Sakura Schaefer-Nameki (Kings College, London)- "F-theory: From Geometry to Particle Physics"

The school will start on Friday, April 25th, at 15:00, at the "Aula IFT" lecture room, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw (ul. Hoża 69, 00-681 Warsaw, Poland).

There is no conference fee, however participants are expected to pay for their travel and accommodation. We have booked several rooms in a university hostel, at the special price of 90 PLN (single) and 70 PLN (double) per person per night, which will be assigned according to the order registration. If the number of participants is larger than the number of rooms available at the university hostel, we will suggest another hotel for those who register late. If you are not interested in having accommodation arranged, please mention it in the section "Remarks" upon registration.

If you are interested in taking part please register by March 28th at the latest (applications will be processd within a couple of days after that and a confirmation of participation will be sent by email).

In case of questions, please contact us by email at