30th Max Born Symposium

This year's annual meeting will take place on April 13th-15th in Wrocław as part of the Max Born Symposium series. Our annual meetings are prmarily intended as a means of bringing together the growing string theory community in Poland. It is however open for everyone who is interested - participants from abroad are welcome!

The meeting will take the form of a short school consisting of three lecture series:

  • David Mateos: "Gauge/string duality and Quantum Chromodynamics"
  • Kyriakos Papadodimas: "AdS/CFT and the emergence of spacetime"
  • Volker Schomerus: "Strings in AdS backgrounds"
and a number of short seminar talks by young participants (graduate students and postdocs).

The total cost of participation is EUR110 (shared double room) or EUR140 (single room) This includes breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, as well as lunch and dinner on Saturday. Accommodation for all participants (including lecturers) is arranged at the hotel Campanille, a few steps away from the Institute of Theoretical Physics where the activity will take place. If you are interested in taking part please register by March 11th at the latest (applications will be processed by March 18th and confirmation of participation will be sent by email).

In case of questions, please contact us by email at